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Talc is a platey white mineral primarily consisting of natural magnesium silicate. The numerous advantages of this inert mineral include high oil and grease absorption (hydrophobic). Due to the greasy feel, talc has been traditionally used as lubricant in cosmetic creams and make up. The fragrance retention capacity of talc makes it also ideal for deodorant sticks and lotions.

Specifications of our Talc powder are:

Mesh : 300 to 700

Appearance : White Powder

Water solubility : 0.09% to 0.10%

Oil Absorption : 25 to 42.5

Brightness : 78 to 97%

CaCO3 : 0 to 6%

Our gamut of minerals also include talc and soapstone minerals that is a secondary mineral formed by the hydrothermal actions and regional metamorphism of magnesium rich rocks. These are available in wide variety such as steatite or soapstone powder, potstone etc. Widely used for making carvings, models, decorative vases, utensils and pots, these also forms the base for many cosmetics and toilet preparations. We offer thses in different quantities as per client's demand.


 Properties  Unit  TALC


 % max



 % max


 Mixed Oxides

 % max


 Loss on Lgnition

 % max





 Surface Area



 Sp. Gravity



 Bulk Density



 Water Absorption



 PH Value










 25Kgs/ 50Kgs/ 100Kgs


 By Container

 Port of Loading:

 West Coast of India

 Available Mesh Size:

 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 700 upto 2 micron