Products: Mica

PREMICA™ mica blocks are available in a wide range of size specifications starting from size 6 to special size - 100 up. PREMICA™ is also available in customised sizes, cut according to specifications required by our clients. PMC employs a team of highly skilled technicians who manually grade and cut the mica blocks to ensure zero-defects in the finished product.PREMICA™ mica blocks are widely sought after by manufacturers of electrical insulators, and gauge glasses for furnaces.

Book form mica splittings: as the name suggests appears like a book because of the uniform sizes of all the Mica pieces. To obtain such form of splitting, mica block is split into various thin layers of less than 1mil which later seems like a book with the various layers appearing like pages of the book.

To meet the growing demands of our clients we offer Muscovite Mica, the best variety available from Rajasthan. A renowned dry sultry powder, it is widely used in paint industry to prepare Primer, Undercoat and Anti corrosive paints.

Along with this, it is even used in plastic industry as filler and boost Insulation properties. It contains 44.06% of Si02 and 35.30% of AI203.

India is the single largest source of Mica in the world. Muscovite Mica is the best variety available from Rajasthan. Mica is a dry sultry powder chemically inert, immune to climatic variations, non-toxic, tough and water proof with excellent anti sticking property. Mica is highly responsive to the action of heat and electrical energy.


Si02: 45.09%

AI203: 34.50%

Fe203: 03.19%

CaO: 00.22%

MgO: 02.10%

K20: 09.51%

Hg20: 00.60%


Sp. gravity: 2.8

Bulk density: 0.44 gm/cc

Oil absorption: 40-50ml/l00gm

Refractive index: 1.57 to 1.59

PH of I0%sol: 8.5

Hardness: 2.5 (mohs)